I Dream of Jeannie… Fifteen Years Later (1985)

USA, 20 October
35mm film, Metrocolor, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American comedy fantasy television film directed by William Asher.

Plot Summary

Tony Nelson and Jeannie are still together and now have a son, also named Tony (or T.J.). Nelson wants to go on one last space mission, a prestigious “deep space” adventure but Jeannie is not happy and wants him to retire. When Nelson ignores her wishes and goes on the mission anyway, Jeannie leaves him, vowing not to use her powers again, a situation exploited by her conniving sister Jeannie II and her plans to disrupt Jeannie's marriage.


Director: William Asher
Can't Sing Can't Dance, Columbia Pictures Television
Executive Producer: Barbara Corday
Producer: Hugh Benson
Script: Irma Kalish
Story: Dinah Kirgo, Julie Kirgo, Irma Kalish
Characters: Sidney Sheldon
Director of Photography: Jack Whitman
Editors: Michael F. Anderson, Bud Friedgen, William Martin
Music: Mark Snow
Sound Mixer: Glenn Anderson
Costume Supervisor: Darryl Martell
Barbara Eden's Costumes: Jef Billings
Make-up Supervisor: Leo Lotito Jr
Hair: Lynn Masters
Special Effects: Bill Doane
Art Directors: Ross Bellah, Robert Purcell

Barbara Eden (Jeanie/Jeannie II)
Wayne Rogers (Tony Neslon)
Bill Daily
Hayden Rorke
Mackenzie Astin
Dori Brenner
Andre De Shields
John Bennett Perry
Dody Goodman
Michael Fairman (General Hatten)
Belita Moreno (Ms Farrell)
Ronalda Douglas (aide)
Lee Taylor-Allan (Nelly Hunt)
Dierk Torsek (Colonel Klapper)
Nicole Eggert (Melissa)
Niall Gartlan (Brad)
Helen J. Siff (Millie)
Brandon Call (Tony Jr at 7)
Bill Shick, Hettie Lynne Hurtes, Craig Narks, Gebe Whittington, Frank Moon (reporters)
Michael Laurence (announcer)
Bertil Unger, Gustaf Unger (waiters)
Denise Gallup, Dian Gallup (girlfriends)

Alternative Titles

Henkimaailman Jeannie – Finland
Jeannie é um Gênio – 15 Anos Depois – Brazil
Mi bella genio: 15 años después – Venezuela

Sequel to
I Dream of Jeannie (1965-1970)

I Still Dream of Jeannie (1991)



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