I Don’t Want to Be Born (1975)

92m 33s (UK – theatrical)
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Peter Sasdy.

Plot Summary

Ex-stripper Lucy Carlesi, now married to Gino, is awaiting the birth of their first child. She delivers a baby boy after a monumental labour but the new-born is extremely hostile, physically attacking its mother. A flashback reveals that Lucy once spurned the advances of an over-sexed dwarf she partnered in a stage act and was cursed by him, resulting in the abnormally large demonic baby. When a nun, Sister Albana, tries to bless the child, it screams hysterically and later causes many deaths. Sister Albana must face the demonic dwarf to safe the baby's soul…


Directed by: Peter Sasdy
© Rank Film Distributors Limited MCMLXXV [1975]
The Rank Organisation presents a Unicapital production. A Peter Sasdy film
Executive Producer: Nato De Angeles
Producer: Norma Corney [uncredited]
Screenplay by: Stanley Price
From an Original Story by: Nato De Angeles
Director of Photography: Kenneth Talbot
Editor: Keith Palmer
Music Composed and Conducted by: Ron Grainer
Sound Recording: Kevin Sutton
Wardrobe Supervisor: Brenda Dabbs
Make-up: Eddie Knight
Hairdresser: Stephanie Kaye
Special Effects: Bert Luxford
Art Director: Roy Stannard
Made at: Pinewood Studios, London, England

Joan Collins (Lucy Carlesi)
Eileen Atkins (Sister Albana)
Ralph Bates (Gino Carlesi)
Caroline Munro (Mandy)
Hilary Mason (Mrs Hyde)
John Steiner (Tommy Morris)
Donald Pleasence (Dr Finch)
Janet Key (Jill)
George Claydon (Hercules)
Derek Benfield (police inspector)
Stanley Lebor (police sergeant)
Judy Buxton (Sheila)
Andrew Secombe (delivery boy)
Susan Richards (old lady)
Phyllis MacMahon (nun)
John Moore (priest)
Floella Benjamin (1st nurse)
Penny Darch (2nd nurse)
Lopez, Susie Lightining ()
Val Hoadley, Janice Brett (dancers)

Alternative Titles

The Baby – working title
El bebé de Sharon – Venezuela
El bebé infernal – Argentina
The Devil Within Her – USA
Djävulens baby – Sweden
Dogmak istemiyorum – Turkey
Evil Baby – France
O exousiastis – Greece
It Lives Within Her – USA (video)
It's Growing Inside Her – USA (television)
The Monster – UK (1982 re-release)
Paholaisen lapsi – Finland
Het Satansjong – Belgium (Flemish video)
Sharon's Baby – Italy, USA
Der Teufel in ihr – West Germany
Ik Wil Niet Geboren Worden – Netherlands

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