I Bury the Living (1958)

USA, 1958
35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Albert Band.

Plot Summary

When he takes over as chairman of a large cemetery, Robert Kraft is horrified to discover that if he sticks a black pin into a large wall map, The owner of that plot dies soon afterwards.


Directed by: Albert Band
© 1957 by Maxim Productions Inc
Maxim Productions Inc presents
Produced by: Albert Band and Louis Garfinkle
Production Manager: Clark Paylow
Original Story and Screenplay by: Louis Garfinkle
Assistant Director: Clark Paylow
Script Supervisor: Sam Freedle
Director of Photography: Frederick Gately
Gaffer: Don Carstenson
Film Editor: Frank Sullivan
Music: Gerald Fried
Music Editor: Eve Newman
Sound Mixer: Roy Meadows
Sound Editor: Jack Kirschner
Sound by: Ryder Sound Services, Inc.
A Western Electric recording
Wardrobe: Bob Richards
Makeup Artist: Jack P. Pierce
Optical Effects: Westheimer Company
Visual Design by: E. Vorkapich
Set Decorator: Gene Redd
Property Master: Leo J. Cornett

Richard Boone (Robert Kraft)
Theodore Bikel (Andy McKee)
Peggy Maurer (Ann Craig)
Howard Smith (George Kraft)
Herbert Anderson (Jess Jessup)
Robert Osterloh (Lt Clayborne)

Alternative Titles

Entierro a los vivos – Spanish title
J’enterre les vivants – French title
Killer on the Wall – working title


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