I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (1990)

35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, English

A British comedy horror film directed by Dirk Campbell.

Plot Summary

A rival gang murders a devil worshipping biker during a satanic ritual and his gang is slaughtered. Briefly revived as a heavy breathing zombie, The Satanist slashes his own throat and fills the tank of beloved Norton Commando with his own blood, giving the bike an evil, vampiric life of its own. Noddy is a young motorcycle courier who buys the Norton, which refuses to start for him. Only when his dopey friend Buzzer – who's stolen the petrol cap – injures his hand during an overhaul and bleeds on the engine does it roar into life. Next morning, however, Buzzer is found decapitated in a room whose walls are covered in tyre tracks…


Director: Dirk Campbell
© Dirk Productions Ltd., 3 Parliament Hill, London NW3 [date not given]
A Dirk Productions presentation. A Drik Campbell film
Produced by: Mycal Miller & John Wolskel
Associate Producer: Jim Allan
Written by: Mycal Miller & John Wolskel
Photography: Tom Ingle
Editor: Mycal Miller
Music: Dean Friedman
Sound Recordist: Steve Phillips
Costume Designer: Denver Hall
Make-up: Susie Lawley-Wakelin
Special Effects: Image Animation
Art Director: Jose Furtado
Filmed entirely on location in and around the Midlands, Great Britain

Neil Morrissey (Noddy)
Amanda Noar (Kim)
Michael Elphick as Inspector Cleaver
Anthony Daniels as the priest
Andrew Powell (Roach)
George Rossi (Chopper)
Midge Taylor (first Road Toad)
Daniel Peacock (Buzzer)
David Daker (desk sergeant)
Burt Kwouk (Fu King owner)
Brendan Donnison (Satanist high priest)
Graham Padden (P.C. Ben E. Dorm)
Paula-Ann Bland (hospital nurse)
Teddie Thompson (hospital sister)
Terence Budd (bike shop dealer)
Ann Casson (Mrs Bancroft)
Douglas Campbell (Mr Bancroft)
Richard Smith (curate)
Roy Alon (P.C. Harold)
Frederick Eaves (old man)
Ed Devereaux (pub landlord)

Alternative Titles

Iron Thunder – West Germany title
A Minha Moto é Vampira – Portugese title
Yo compré una moto vampiro – Spanish title


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