Hyperspace (1985)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Todd Durham.

Plot Summary

Lord Buckethead is scouring the galaxy looking for a renegade princess and the tape of secret transmissions she has stolen, But his navigators aren't all that great and he ends up on Earth – still looking and dragging unsuspecting bystanders into his bizarre intergalactic plots.


Directed by: Todd Durham
Copyright MCMLXXXV [1985] Regency Productions
Earl Owensby Studios presents a Regency production
Executive Producer: John Brock
Produced by: Earl Owensby
Associate Producer: Charles Heath
Written by: Todd Durham
Additional Dialogue: James Michael Kozak
Director of Photography: Irl Dixon
Edited by: Bruce Stubblefield
Music Composed and Conducted by: Don Davis
Sound Recordist: Al Yelton
Costume Designer/Wardrobe/Makeup: Ann H. Kinney
Special Mechanical Effects: Greg Hull
Special Visual Effects: Dave Osborne
Art Director: Mack Pittman
Filmed at Earl Owensby Studios in Shelby, North Carolina

Alan Marx (Max)
Paula Poundstone (Karen)
Chris Elliott (Hopper)
Robert Bloodworth (Lord Buckethead)
R.C. Nanney (Chester/Captain Starfighter)
Lisa Huss, Gordon Petersen, Susan Gellner, Lane Davidson, Joy Laurens, John Davis ()
David Hager (Chief Norman)
Kevin O'Reilly (Father Cleary)
Fred Stevenson (Colonel Lax)
Steve Howard (Mr Uker)
Kyrin Packard (Mrs Uker)
Elvis Owensby (Timothy)
Rhett Owensby (Little Jeff)
Edmund Panzer (professor)
Vernond Littleton (Luke)
Leon Rippy (Roy)
William Jenkins (confused polygraph operator)
Morris Cox (engrossed listener)
Bobby Earl (silent deputy)
Daisy the cow (herself)
James Bishop (grieving farmer)

Alternative Titles

Gremloids – UK
Gremlords – West Germany

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