Humpty Dumpty on Ice (1954)

UK, 10 January 1954
black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British fantasy television special.

Plot Summary

Devised and Produced by: Gerald Palmer
Presented for Television by: Alan Chivers
By arrangement with Tom Arnold and Sir Arthur Elvin
Adapted for Ice Presentation by: Stanley Lloyd and Gerald Palmer
Book by: Stanley Lloyd
Original Music Composed by: Reginald Swinney
Music Performed by: The Empire Pool Orchestra
Under the Direction of: Betram Willis
Costumes Designed by: Anthony Holland
Decor by: Edward Delaney
Choreography by: Beatrice Livesey
From the Empire Pool, Wembley

Leslie Lugg (the evil witch)
Margo McMenemy (fairy stardust)
Len Stewart (the prime minister)
Eddie Ward (the lord chamberlain)
Michael Oxley (King Marmaduke)
Gloria Nord (Princess Mirabelle, his daughter)
Daphne Walker (Captain Valentine, of the king’s guard)
Anne Rogers (Humpty Dumpty)
Eric Waite (his mother)
Andre Calame (Jack Frost)
Arthur Apfel (the golden spirit)
William Chappell (the chancellor of the exchequer)
Tony Clarke (the minister of war)
James Gullett (the admiral of the fleet)
John McCord (the royal cellarman)
James Gullett (King Arthur of the Round Table)

Voices of the principal speaking artists:
Jane Hilary
David Crosse
Reginald Matthews
J. Grant Anderson
Jan Haley
Pat Chaplin
Susan Paul
Raymond James

The Maxwells Chocolate and Company
Frederick Gommer’s Choir (ladies and gentlemen of the chorus)
Berkeley Smith (commentator)


Radio Times vol.122 no.1574 (8 January 1954) pp.14; 15 – illustrated credits; illustrated note on p.15 (Television Talk of the Week: Spectacle on Ice by The Scanners)