How to Make a Monster (1957)

USA, 1957
35mm film, black and white, colour, 1.66:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Herbert L. Strock. The film is in black and white until the last act when it switches to colour.

Plot Summary

Special effects make-up man Pete Dumond has been working tirelessly and faithfully at American International Studios for 25 years until the company is taken over by NBN Associates and the new owners have no time for the horror films that had been the company’s stock in trade, preferring instead teen musicals and comedies. Dumond is fired and swears to take his revenge on the new bosses. His last job for the company is to create the monsters for Werewolf versus Frankenstein and he develops a formula which, when applied to young actors Larry Drake (Gary Clarke) and Tony Mantell (Gary Conway) as part of his make-up, allows him to control them hypnotically and become the instruments for his revenge.


Directed by: Herbert L. Strock
© MCMLVII [1957] Sunset Productions Inc
James H. Nicholson and Samuel Z. Arkoff present. An American International picture
Produced by: Herman Cohen
Original Story and Screenplay by: Kenneth Langtry, Herman Cohen
Director of Photography: Maury Gertzman
Editorial Supervisor: Jerry Young
Music Composed and Conducted by: Paul Dunlap
Sound: Herman Lewis
Wardrobe: Oscar Rodriguez
Makeup Created by: Philip Scheer
Art Director: Leslie Thomas

Robert H. Harris [Pete Dumond]
Paul Brinegar [Rivero]
Gary Conway [Tony Mantell/the Teenage Frankenstein]
Gary Clarke [Larry Drake/the Teenage Werewolf]
Malcolm Atterbury [Security Guard Richards]
Dennis Cross [Security Guard Monahan]
Morris Ankrum [Police Capt. Hancock]
Walter Reed [Detective Thompson]
Paul Maxwell [Jeffrey Clayton]
Eddie Marr [John Nixon]
Heather Ames [Arlene Dow]
Robert Shayne [Gary Droz]
Rod Dana
Jacqueline Ebeier
Joan Chandler
Thomas B. Henry
John Phillips [Detective Jones]
Paulene Myers [Millie]
John Ashley [himself]

Alternative Titles

La batalla de los monstruos – Mexico
Cómo hacer un monstruo – Spain
Der Satan mit den tausend Masken – West Germany
Как создать монстра – Russia

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