Hoverbug (1970)

UK, 1970
35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British comedy science fiction film for children directed by Jan Darnley-Smith.

Plot Summary

An inventor develops a super-glue that allows a group of children to complete their home-made in time for an important race.


Director: Jan Darnley-Smith
Children's Film Foundation Ltd.
Producer: George H. Brown
Production Manager: Tony Wallis
Unit Manager: Howard Gaard
Script: Michael Barnes
Assistant Director: Stuart Freeman
Continuity: Gillian Lee
Camera: Ken Hodges
Camera Operator: Tommy Fletcher
Editor: Tony Palk
Assistant Editor: Jonathan Morris
Music: Eric Rogers
Sound Mixers: Tony Wolf, Ken Scrivner
Dubbing Editor: Mike Le Mare
Special Effects: Charles Torbett
Art Director: Ken Ryan
Props: Charles Torbett

Jill Riddick (Jenny Brewster)
John Trayhorn (Dick Brewster)
Francis Attard (Charlie)
Gary Cann (Sydney)
Arthur Howard (Mr Watts)
Michael Balfour (father)
Michael Segal
Jan Butlin
Harold Goodwin
Peter Myers (Mr Brewster)
Marianne Stone
Cardew Robinson
Janet Waldron

Extracts included in
Screen Test: 12 September 1974


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