Houseboat Horror (1989)


An Australian horror film directed by Kendal Flanagan and Ollie Martin.

Plot Summary

A rock band and film crew arrive at the remote Lake Infinity to film their latest video and set up camp in a luxury houseboat. What they don't know is that a deranged killer has found his way onto the boat and soon begins slaughtering everyone he can get his hands on.


Directors: Kendal Flanagan, Ollie Martin
PM Terror Productions
Producer: Ollie Martin
Associate Producer: Ric Lappas
Script: Ollie Martin
Editor: Clayton Jacobson
Music: Brian Mannix
Art Director: Brian Gunst

Alan Dale (Evans)
Christine Jeston (Tracy)
Craig Alexander (Sam)
Des McKenna (Ziggie)
Gavin Wood (Costello)
John Michael Howson (‘J')
Louise Siversen (Zelia)
Peppie D'Or (Teresa)
Stephen Whittaker (Bernie)
Julie Thompson (Jennie)
Mark Muggeridge (Dagger)
Wilkie Collins (Harold)
David Blackman (Bill)
Greg Latts (Con)
Ian Campbell (Clap)
Steve Hutchinson (Gary)
Christopher Young (Norm)
Don Bridges (Garage Man)
Katherine Hill (Kat)
Sue Hancock (Susy)



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