House on Bare Mountain (1963)

35mm film, Rawcolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by R.L. Frost.

Plot Summary

The wolfman, and the Frankenstein monster stalk the students of a girls' school in the mountains.


Director: R.L. Frost
Olympic International Films presents a B and M production
Producers: Wes Don [real name: Wes Bishop], David Andrew [real name: Bob Cresse]
Script: Denver Scott
Director of Photography: Greg Sandor
Supervising Editor: Ralph Leon
Editor: Gary Lindsay
Music: Pierre Martel
Sound Recordist: Bill Orovan
Costumes: Tennessee Harold
Body Make-Up: Everybody!
Hair Styles: Hoover Vacuum
Special Makeup Effects Artist: Harry Thomas
Set Designer: Colt

Lovable Bob Cresse (Granny Good)
Laine Carlin
John Nada
Leticia Cooper
Betty Peters
Laura Eden (Prudence Bumgartner, badge no. 261)
Laura Sanders
Connie Hudson
Roc Shannon
Dan Hyland
Fran Sinatra
William Kirk
Millie Stewart
Ingrid Lind
J.J. Watson
Virginia Mark
Angela Webster (Honey)
Ann Meyers (Sally)
Percy Frankenstein [real name: Warren Ames} (Frankenstein)
Doris Dracula [real name: Jeffrey Smithers] (Dracula)
Abe Greyhound [real name: William Engesser] (wolfman)

Alternative Titles

La Colline du désir – Belgium (France)
Les monstres et les nues – Belgium (France)
Night on Bare Mountain
Le vampire érotique
– France

Extracts included in
Extra Weird (2003)



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