Hot Tomorrows (1977)

35mm film, black and white
mono, English

An American fantasy film directed by Martin Brest.


Director: Martin Brest
American Film Institute
Producer: Martin Brest
Script: Martin Brest
Director of Photography: Jacques Haitkin
Editor: Martin Brest
Assistant Make-up: Frances Alves
Special Make-up Effects: Greg Cannom
Choreographer: Lloyd Gordon

Ken Lerner (Michael)
Ray Sharkey (Louis)
Hervé Villechaize (Alberict)
Victor Argo (Tony)
George Memmoli (man in mortuary)
Donne Daniels (night embalmer)
Rose Marshall (Tante Ethel)
Marian Beeler (waitress)
Sonia Berman (old woman watching television)
Janet Brandt (old woman in bus)
Esther Cohen (old woman with postcard)
Marina Penn (lead dancer)
Danny Elfman, Marie-Pascale Elfman (singers)
David Garfield (Dr Stern)
Edith Gwinn (old woman in mortuary)
Shelby Leverington (hospital receptionist)
Sondra Lowell (Polly)
Dennis Madden (bartender)
Vincent Palmieri (man in car)
Paul Schumacher (lecturer)
Orson Welles (parklawn mortuary)