Horror Hospital (1973)

91m, 8190 feet
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British comedy horror/science fiction film directed by Antony Balch.

Plot Summary

Disenchanted with the London music scene, songwriter Jason Jones takes a holiday at Dr Storm's “health hotel” only to find himself and the other guests the potential subject of experimental .


Directed by: Antony Balch
© MCMLXXIII [1973] by Noteworthy Films Limited
A Richard Gordon, Antony Balch production
Made by Noteworthy Films
Produced by: Richard Gordon
Associate Producer: Ray Corbett
Screenplay by: Antony Balch, Alan Watson
Photographed in Eastmancolor by: David McDonald
Film Editor: Robert Dearberg
Music: De Wolfe
Sound Recording: Paul Le Mare, Tony Anscombe
Make Up Supervisor: Colin Arthur
Art Director: David Bill
Casting Director: Thelma Graves
Made on location and at Bill Butt & Richardson Studios, Merton Park, London, England

Michael Gough (Dr Storm)
Robin Askwith (Jason)
Vanessa Shaw (Judy)
Ellen Pollock (Aunt Harris)
Skip Martin (Frederick)
Kurt Christian (Abraham)
Barbara Wendy (Millie)
Kenneth Benda (Carter)
Martin Grace, Colin Skeaping (bike boys)
George Herbert (laboratory assistant)
Dennis Price (Pollack)
James IV Boris, Allan (The River) Hudson, Simon Lust (‘Mystic' rock group)

Alternative Titles

La clinique diabolique – Canada (French)
Computer Killers – USA (alternative)
Death Ward #13 – USA (alternative)
Diario proibito di un collegio femminile – Italy
Doctor Bloodbath – USA (video)
Dr. Frankensteins Horrorklinik – West Germany
Eastworld – USA (alternative)
Frankensteins Horror-Klinik – West Germany
La griffe de Frankenstein – France
Horror en el hospital – Spain
Horror kórház – Hungary
Hospital do Horror – Brazil
İnsan kasabı – Turkey
Mad House – West Germany (video)
Skräcksjukhuset – Sweden
Госпиталь ужасов – Russia



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