Horror Cafe (1990)

UK, 15 September [on BBC2]
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English

A British non-fiction television special of genre interest directed by Janet Fraser Crook. Recording took place on 5 April 1990.

Plot Summary

Six key figures in the horror genre, and film-makers, gather at the fictional Horror Cafe to discuss and plan the ultimate millennial horror film, based around the concepts raised in Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.


Programme Director: Janet Fraser Crook
© [not given on screen]
Editor: Michael Jackson
Producer: Samira Osman
Assistant Producer: Anand Tucker
Unit Managers: Mario Dubois, Christina Hamilton
Lighting Director: Geoff Beech
Technical Co-ordinator: Mike Chislett
Camera Supervisor: Geoff Feld
Film Editor: Michael Duly
Vision Mixer: Sharon Backer, Sue Collins
Music: Roger Bolton
Sound Supervisor: Barry Cobden
Designer: Robert Steer
Graphic Designers: Tricia King, Sara Woollcombe
Floor Manager: Stephen Moore
Assistant Floor Manager: Susan Stuart
Production Team: Sally Ashenden, Katharine Manners
Production Assistants: Sally Brocklehurst, Geraldine Dowd

Peter Atkins
Clive Barker
Ramsay Campbell
John Carpenter
Roger Corman
Lisa Tuttle
Martin Dibben (the waiter (from Leith's Good Food))