Horror (1963)

Italy, Spain,
35mm film, black and white
mono (Westrex Recording System)

An Italian/Spanish horror film directed by Alberto De Martino who is credited as Martin Herbert on some prints. It was originally released in Italy on 6 June 1963.

Plot Summary

Emilie de Blancheville returns to her family home in Brittany after the death of her father. But she seems set to fall prey to an old family curse and finds herself


* = uncredited

Directed by: Alberto De Martino [Martin Herbert on some prints]
© [not given on screen]
A Film Columbus, Llama Films coproduction
Screenplay by: Jean Grimaud [real name: Giovanni Grimaldi], Gordon Wilson Jr [real name: Sergio Corbucci]
Based on a Story by: Edgar Allan Poe *
Director of Photography: Alexander Ulloa [real name: Alejandro Ulloa]
Music Composed and Directed by: Francis Clark [real name: Carlo Franci]
Wardrobe: Henzy Stecklar
Makeup: Artur Grunher
Hair Styles: Shirley Dryant
Art Director: Leonard Buhleg

Gérard Tichy [Roderick Blackford/Blancheville]
Leo Anchóriz [Dr Atwell]
Joan Hills [Emily Blackford/Blancheville]
Helga Liné [Eleonore]
Irán Eory [Alice Taylor]
Richard Davis [John Taylor]
Frank Moran [real name: Francisco Morán] [Alastair]
Emily Wolkowicz [real name: Emilia Wolkowicz] [cook]
Harry Winter [gamekeeper]

Alternative Titles

Horror: The Blancheville Monster – USA
Le manoir de la terreur – Belgium (French), France



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