Homesdale (1971)

Australia, 1971
16mm film, black and white
mono, English

An Australian horror film directed by Peter Weir.

Plot Summary

Guests assemble on a remote island off Sydney at the invitation of a wealthy eccentric. As relations between the guests start to fracture, the strange games forced on them by their host become increasingly disturbing and horrific.


Director: Peter Weir
Producers: Grahame Bond, Richard Brennan
Production Manager: Richard Brennan
Script: Piers Davies, Peter Weir
Assistant Director: Brian Hannant
Continuity: Adrienne Read
Director of Photography: Anthony Wallis
Editor: Wayne LeClos
Music: Grahame Bond, Rory O’Donoghue
Sound Recordist: Ken Hammond
Locations: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Geoff Malone (Mr Malfry)
Grahame Bond (Mr Kevin)
Kate Fitzpatrick (Miss Greenoak)
Barry Donnelly (Mr Vaughan)
Doreen Warburton (Mrs Sharpe)
James Lear (Mr Levy)
James Dellit (manager)
Kosta Akon (Chief Robert)
Richard Brennan (Robert 1)
Peter Weir (Robert 2)
Shirley Donald (matron)
Phillip Noyce (Neville)


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