Home Sweet Home (1981)

35mm film, colour

An American horror film directed by Nettie Pena.

Plot Summary

An escaped psychiatric patient high on PCP embarks on a campaign of murder that culminates in him terrorising a a family during the holiday.


Director: Nettie Pena
Intercontinental World Distributing Corp, Movies Anonymous Partnership
Presenter: Sandy Cobe
Executive Producers: Rick Whitfield, Alex Rebar
Producer: Don Edmonds
Associate Producer: Jack Petty
Script/Story: Thomas Bush
Director of Photography: Don Stern
Editor: Nettie Peña
Music: Rich Tufo
Sound Mixer: Al Ramirez
Make Up: Jack Petty
Special Effects: Charlie Spurgeon
Casting: Sally Perle and Company

Jake Steinfeld (Killer)
Vinessa Shaw (Angel)
Peter DePaula (Mistake)
Don Edmunds (Bradley)
Charles Hoyes (Wayne)
David Mielke (Scott)
Leia Naron (Gail)
Lisa Rodríguez (Maria)
Colette Trygo (Jennifer)
Sallee Young (Linda)
J. Kelly (cop 1)
R. Fouts (cop 2)
Victor Paddock (1st victim)
Rochelle Constanten (old woman)
Anne Cribbs (witness)

Alternative Titles

Bloodparty – West German title
Nuit du saigneur, La – French title
Slasher in the House – US video title


Nightmare USA by Stephen Thrower p.516 – note