Histoires extraordinaires (1968)

France, Italy, 1968
35mm film, colour, 1.75:1

A French/Italian anthology horror film directed by Roger Vadim, Louis Valle and Federico Fellini.

Plot Summary

Metzengerstein: Countess Frederica tries to stave off the tedium of her everyday life in a cycle of orgies and sadistic excess. She moves to a castle near the land owned by her poor cousin Baron Wilhelm who she falls in love with. But when he dies trying to save his stallion from a stable fire, Federica becomes increasingly obsessed with him. William Wilson: Austrian army officer William Wilson confesses to a priest the many cruelties he has committed and discusses his mysterious double. Toby Dammit: alcoholic English actor Toby Dammit arrives to Rome to shoot a Catholic Western but is only interested in the Ferrari that his producers have promised him.


[Directed] By: Roger Vadim [Metzengerstein]; Louis Malle [William Wilson]; Federico Fellini [Toby Dammit]
© Les Films Marceau, Paris – P.E.A. Rome
Cocinor presents a Les Films Marceau-Cocinor Paris, Produzioni Europee Associate Rome co-production
In Charge of Production: Raymond Eger
Screenplay by: Roger Vadim, Pascal Cousin and Clement Biddlewood [Metzengerstein]; Louis Malle and Clement Biddlewood [William Wilson]
[Based on Stories] By: Edgar Allan Poe; [Toby Dammit] Liberally adapted from Edgar A. Poe's ‘Don't Wager Your Head to the Devil
Directors of Photography: Claude Renoir [Metzengerstein]; Tonino Delli Colli [William Wilson]; Giuseppe Rotunno [Toby Dammit]
Editor: Helene Plemiannikov [Metzengerstein]; Franco Arcalli [William Wilson]; Ruggiero Mastroianni [Toby Dammit]
Music by: Jean Prodromides [Metzengerstein]; Diego Masson [William Wilson]; Nino Rota [Toby Dammit]
Costume Designer: Ghislain Uhry [William Wilson]; [Toby Dammit]
Wardrobe: Jacques Fonteray [Metzengerstein]
Special Effects: Joseph Nathanson [Toby Dammit]
Art Directors: Carlo Leva [William Wilson]; Fabrizio Clerici [Toby Dammit]

Brigitte Bardot (Giuseppina)
Alain Delon (William Wilson)
Jane Fonda (Contessa Frederique de Metzengerstein)
Terence Stamp (Toby Dammit)
James Robertson Justice (countess' advisor)
Salvo Randone (priest)
Françoise Prevost (friend of the countess)
Peter Fonda (Baron Wilhelm Berlifitzing)
Marlene Alexandre
Marie-Ange Anies
David Bresson
Katia Christina (woman on dissection table)
Peter Dane
Georges Douking (the weaver)
Philippe Lemaire (Philippe)
Carla Marlier (Claude)
Serge Marquand (Hugues)
Umberto d'Orsi (Hans)
Renzo Palmer (priest)
Monica Pardo

Alternative Titles

3 askelta yöhön – Finland
3 steg i natten – Finland (Swedish)
Außergewöhnliche Geschichten – Germany
Fantastische Verhalen – Belgium (Flemish)
Histoires extraordinaires – Canada (French)
Historias extraordinarias – Argentina, Spain
Histórias Extraordinárias – Brazil, Portugal
Historie niesamowite – Poland
Histories Extraordinaires – Belgium (France)
Istories mystiriou – Greece (DVD)
Különleges történetek – Hungary
Paraxenes istories – Greece (video)
Povesti extraordinare – Romania
Powers of Evil – UK (video)
Sagor från de döda – Sweden (DVD)
Sami nabiji bodvisaken – Georgia
Seytanin kurbanlari – Turkey
Spirits of the Dead – UK, USA
Ston ilingo tis akolasias – Greece
Tales of Mystery – UK
Tales of Mystery and Imagination – UK
Toby Dammit – English language title
Tre passi nel delirio – Italy
Trois histoires extraordinaires d'Edgar Poe
Trzy kroki w szalenstwo – Poland
Yo nimo kaiki na monogatari – Japan



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