Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (1986)

USA, 1985
77m (Australia), 78m (Norway; Sweden), 79m 15s (UK – video (PAL-2003)), 82m 31s (UK – theatrical), 83m
35mm film, colour, Dolby

An American horror film directed by John McNaughton.

Plot Summary

Henry stalks the USA murdering people in different ways. He shares an apartment with the brutish Otis and Becky, Otis’ sister. Henry proves to be something of an enigma – to Becky, he’s a caring, thoughtful friend – to his hapless victims he remains a brutal killer, eventually aided in his rampage by Otis.


* = uncredited

Directed by: John McNaughton
© Fourth World Productions Inc.
Maljack Productions Inc. presents a John McNaughton film
Executive Producers: Waleed B. Ali, Malik B. Ali
Produced by: John McNaughton, Lisa Dedmond, Steven A. Jones
Written by: Richard Fire & John McNaughton
Director of Photography: Charlie Lieberman
Film Editor: Elena Maganini
Music Composed by: Robert McNaughton with Ken Hale, Steven A. Jones
Sound Recording: Thomas T. Yore
Costumes [opening titles] Wardrobe [end titles]: Patricia Hart
Make Up Artist: Berndt Rantscheff
Hair Stylist: Chuck Gatz (courtesy Judith Gold)
Special Effects Make Up: Jeffrey Lyle Segal
Technical Effects: Lee Ditkowski
Art Direction: Rick Paul
Locations: Austin, Texas, USA *; Chicago, Illinois, USA *

Michael Rooker (Henry)
Tracy Arnold (Becky)
Tom Towles (Otis)
Mary Demas (dead woman)
Anne Bartoletti (waitress)
Elizabeth Kaden (dead couple (wife))
Ted Kaden (dead couple (husband))
Denise Sullivan (floating woman)
Anita Ores (mall shopper #1)
Megan Ores (mall shopper #2)
Cheri Jones (mall shopper #3)
Monica Anne O’Malley (mall victim)
Bruce Quist (husband)
Erzsebet Sziky (hitchiker [sic])
David Katz (Henry’s boss)
John Scafidi (kid with football #1)
Benjamen Passman (kid with football #2)
Flo Spink (woman In Cadillac)
Kurt Naebig (high school jock)
Mary Demas (hooker #1)

Alternative Titles

Henry – en massmördare – Sweden
Henry – en seriemördare – Sweden
Henry – pioggia di sangue – Italy
Henry Lee Lucas – sarjamurhaaja – Finland
Henry, portrait d’un serial killer – France
Henry, retrat d’un assassí – Spain (Catalan)
Henry, retrato de un asesino
– Spain
Henry: A Sombra de um Assassino
– Portugal
Henry: portret seryjnego zabójcy
– Poland
Retrato de um Assassino
– Brazil

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer Part 2 (1998)

Extracts included in
Fear in the Dark (1991)
Hollywood Halloween (1997)
Murder by Numbers (2001)
S&man (2006)

Production Notes

The film has suffered various fates at the hands of successive regimes at the British Board of Film Censorship. In 1991, it was passed with an 18 certificate but 1m and 2s of cuts, mainly from the scene where Henry and Otis watch the video they shot of them murdering the family. When it was submitted for video release two years later, further cuts were made, this time totalling 1m 53s. A video re-issue in 2001 saw the Board take 40s from an already truncated version before, in 2003, the film was finally passed uncut for both theatrical and video release.



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