Helter Skelter (1949)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British fantasy film Ralph Thomas.

Plot Summary

A wealthy socialite goes on a quest to cure herself of a seemingly never-ending bout of hiccups.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Ralph Thomas
Copyright 1949 General Film Distributors Ltd.
J. Arthur Rank presents a Gainsborough picture. Released through General Film Distributors Limited
Produced by: Antony Darnborough
Associate Producer: Alfred Roome
Production Manager: Billy Boyle
Screenplay by: Patrick Campbell
Additional Dialogue by: Jan Read and Gerard Bryant
Assistant Director: E. Joseph [real name: Eugenie Joseph]
Director of Photography: Jack Asher
Camera Operator: Bernie Lewis
Editor: Bob Wilson
Music Composed by: Francis Chagrin
And Played by: The London Symphony Orchestra
Music Director: Muir Mathieson
Director of Sound: Brian Sewell
Recordists: Sid Wiles, W. Salter [real name: William Salter]
Dress Designer: Joan Ellacott
Make Up: W.T. Partleton
Special Effects: F. Guidobaldi [real name: Filippo Guidobaldi]
Supervising Art Director: George Provis
Designs and Art Direction: John Elphick
Production Controller: Arthur Alcott
Made at Gainsborough Studios, London, England

Carol Marsh (Susan [Graham])
David Tomlinson (Nick Martin)
Mervyn Johns (Ernest Bennett)
Peter Hammond (Spencer Stone)
Richard Hearne (Prof. Pastry)
Peter Haddon (Basil Beagle)
Geoffrey Sumner (Humphrey Beagle)
Henry Kendall (Lord Bruce Carlton)
Jon Pertwee (headwaiter)
Zena Marshall (Giselle)
Terry Thomas (Terry Thomas)
Jimmy Edwards (Dr Edwards)
Patricia Raine (Amber)
Colin Gordon (Chadbeater Longwick)
Judith Furse (Mrs Martin)
Edmund Willard (Ezekial)
Robert Lamouret with acknowledgments to Donald Duck (the “duck” man)
Shirl Conway (the cabaret star)
Sandra Dorne (receptionist)
George Benson (temporary waiter)
Wilfred Hyde-White (Dr Jekyll)
Jon Pertwee (Charles II)
Bill Fraser (Cromwell)
Johnny Briggs [BBC page boy] *
Esma Cannon [autograph hunter] *
Cyril Chamberlain *
Valentine Dyall [man telling story at BBC] *
Kenneth Griffith [Nick Martin's BBC colleague] *
Glynis Johns [Miranda Trewella] *
Michael Medwin [man giving BBC boxing talk] *
Dennis Price [Lord Byron] *
Basil Radford [cameo] *
Harry Secombe [Alf] *
Anthony Steel *
Michael Ward [news reader] *
Naunton Wayne *

Includes extracts from
Would You Believe It! (1929)

Extracts included in
Heroes of Comedy: Terry-Thomas (1995)

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