Hellmaster (1992)

USA, 1992
92m, 94m 10s 1From the BBFC website]35mm film, colour
Ultra Stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Douglas Schulze.

Plot Summary

A college professor uses his in experiments that transform them int mutated, psychotic killers.


Directed by: Douglas Schulze
© MCMXM [this is clearly wrong as there's no such roman numeral – possibly 1990?] Dolphin Productions Limited Partnership
Dolphin Productions presents in association with Dolphin Limited Partners
Executive Producer: Nathan J. White
Produced by: Douglas Schulze, David J. Dalton, Kurt Eli Mayry
Associate Producer: G. Scott Weyer
Written by: Douglas Schulze
Director of Photography: Michael Goi
Picture Editor: Douglas Schulze
Original Score Composed and Performed by: John Traynor, Dana Croll
Sound Mixer: Al Rizzo
Wardrobe Supervisor: Donna Mallonen
Make-Up Supervisor: Ted Warfield
Special Make-Up Effects by: Roger A. White, R.A.W. Productions Crew
Special Effects Supervisor: Roger A. White
Optical Effects: Film Effects, Toronto, Canada
Art Direction and Set Design: Douglas Schulze

John Saxon (Professor Jones)
David Emge (Robert)
Amy Raasch (Shelly O'Deane)
Edward Stevens (Drake Destroy)
Robert Dole (Professor Damon)
Jeff Rector (Jesse Jameson)
Sarah Barkoff (little girl)
Todd Tesen (Adam O'Deane)
Eric Kingston (Bobby Jones)
Neil Savedes (Joey Jones)
Suzanne Labatt (Moon Jones)
Ron Asheton (Mama Jones)
Melissa Zafarana (Tracy)
Jim Reithmiller (Harold)
Janet Linck (Andrea)
James Croteau (Paul)
Steve Williams (Harvey)
Dave Dixon (radio announcer)
Becky Traynor (Beth)
Rebecca Jachman (Pam)

Alternative Titles

Hellmaster: Director's Cut – USA (DVD)
Soul Stealer – trailer title
Them – working/alternative title



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