Hellgate (1989)

South Africa, 1989
35mm film, Technicolor
Dolby Stereo, English

A South African horror film directed by William A. Levey.

Plot Summary

In the town of Hellgate, a brutal motorcycle gang murders a young woman at a diner. Years later, her father brings her back to life using a magic crystal and she sets out to seduce and kill any young man she meets.


Directed by: William A. Levey
© 1989 Ghostown Film Management (Pty) Ltd
Ghostown Film Management (Pty) Ltd, Distant Horizon and Anant Singh present a William A. Levey film
Executive Producer: Sudhir Pragjee
Produced by: Anant Singh
Co Producer: Shan Moodley
Line Producer: Ami L. Wright
Associate Producers: Paul Janssen, Sanjeev Singh
Written by: Michael O’Rourke
Director of Photography: Peter Palmer
Edited by: Chris Barnes, Max Lemmon, Mark Baard
Original Music by: Barry Fasman, Dana Walden
Sound Recordists: John Bergman, Sarah Bergman, Bill Jacques, Marli Schultz
Costumes: Anthea Mooney
Make Up: Miri Oren
Hair: Chrizelle De Beer, John Lopez
Special Effects: Glyn McKay, Allen Hedgecock, Lawrens Ginsberg
Visual Special Effects: Effects Speaux
Art Director: David Howard

Ron Palillo (Matt)
Abigail Wolcott (Josie)
Petrea Curran (Pam)
Evan J. Klisser (Chuck)
Joanne Ward (Bobby)
Carel Trichardt (Lucas)
Frank Notard (Buzz)
Lance Vaughan (Zonk)
Victor Mellaney (Jonas)
Len Sparrowhawk (Deputy no.1)
Alan Granville (Deputy no.2)
Lynda Powell (waitress 1958)
Kimberleigh Stark (waitress 1989)
Craig Freimond (gas station attendant)
Alan Pierce (Fast Freddy)
Jonathan Taylor (Nervous Norman)
Tom Hoskins (cook)
William A. Levey (man in fridge)
Julius (priest)
Franco Cotumaccio (newspaper editor)

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