Hell Island (1985)

35mm film, colour

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Michael Stanley.

Plot Summary

Survivors of a shipwreck find themselves stranded on an island full of vicious .


Director: Michael Stanley
© MCMLXXXV [1985] Obelisk Motion Pictures Ltd.
Producers: Michael Stanley, William R. Szlinsky
Associate Producers: Robert Haborak, Robert W. Sherwood
Story and Screenplay: Robert A. Hutton
Assistant Director: William R. Szlinsky
2nd Asst. Director: Joanne Stanley
Director of Photography: Robert A. Hutton
Camera Operator: Robert A. Hutton
2nd Camera Operator: Michael Stanley
Focus Puller: William R. Szlinsky
Gaffers: William R. Szlinsky, Robert Lengyel
Key Grip: Robert Firgelewski
Grips: Ronald Haupler Sr, Frans Kal
Editing: Robert A. Hutton, Michael Stanley
Assistant Editor: Sally Rohac-Hutton
Negative Matcher: J.G. Films, Inc.
Timer: Joseph Martocci
Dailies: Du Art
Music: John P. Mozzi
Additional Music: Sean H. Lezotte
Percussions: Keith Robinson
Guitar Effects: Steve C. Pasqua
Sound: Robert T. Firgelewski, Frans Kal
Production Sound: Robert Firgelewski, Frank Williams
Re-Recording: Dominick Tavella
Monster Vocals: Christopher Hutton
Costumes/Costume Supervisor: Sally Sherwood
Hair Styles: D J's Hair-Inn
Hair Styling: Joseph Garbus, Carol Garbus
Special Mechanical Effects/Special Effects: Robert T. Firgelewski
Mattes: Robert A. Hutton
TItles: Ian Clark
Art Director: Robert A. Hutton
Monster Design: Robert A. Hutton
Property Master: Sally Rohac-Hutton
Prop Builder: William A. Matzonkai
Production Secretary: Sally Rohac-Hutton
Production Assistants: Janis Firgelewski, Ronald A. Haupler Sr, Mildred B. Hauser, Christopher A. Hutton, Joanne Stanley, Gail P. Szlinsky, Mary Szlinsky, Jason M. Szlinsky, Robert S.Szlinsky, Anthony Tranquillo III, Chantel Tranquillo
Catering: Ann Stanley, Arlene Stanley
Equipment: F.&B. Ceco
Casting: John Vichiola

Robert Nolfi (John Trieste)
Julia Rust (Cathy)
Robert Lengyel (Case Quinn)
Lisa Pak (Diane)
Frank Murgalo (Philip)
John Vichiola (Mr Morgan)
Kay Bailey (Mrs Gordon)
Frans Kal (Pat)
Robert T. Firgelewski (Mr Bruin)
Ronald A. Haupler Sr (first sailor)
Robert A. Hutton (second sailor)
Joanne Stanley (drowning woman)

Alternative Titles

Attack of the Beast Creatures
Beast Creatures
– West German title


by Stephen Thrower pp.413-414; 516 – illustrated credits, review; note