Heartbeeps (1981)

35mm film, Panavision, Technicolor, 2.35:1
mono, English

An American science fiction comedy film directed by Allan Arkush.

Plot Summary

Val and Aqua fall in love and set off to start a new life away from Mankind.


Directed by: Allan Arkush
© MCMLXXXI by Universal City Studios, Inc.
Universal. A MIchael Phillips production
Executive Producer: Douglas Green
Produced by: Michael Phillips
Associate Producer: John Hill
Written by: John Hill
Catskil's Jokes by: Henny Youngman
Director of Photography: Charles Rosher Jr
Film Editor: Tina Hirsch
Music by: John Williams
Production Mixer: Jim R. Alexander
Costume Designer: Madeline Graneto
Aqua's Make-up Artist: Zoltan Elek
Val's Make-up Artist: Vince Prentice
Hair Stylist: Ora T. Green
Special Make-up Effects by: Stan Winston
Special Visual Effects by: Albert Whitlock
Phil Designed by: Jamie Shourt, Robbie Blalack
In charge of Mechanical Effects: Bud Ewing, Whitey Krumm
Production Designer: John W. Corso

Andy Kaufman (Val)
Bernadette Peters (Aqua)
Randy Quaid (Charlie)
Kenneth McMillan (Max)
Christopher Guest (Calvin)
Melanie Mayron (Susan)
Richard B. Shull (factory boss)
Dick Miller (factory watchman)
Kathleen Freeman (helicopter pilot)
Mary Woronov (party house owner)
Paul Bartel, Anne Wharton (party guests)
Barry Diamond, Stephanie Faulkner (firing range technicians)
Jeffrey Kramer (party butler robot)
Irene Forrest, Karsen Lee Gould (party maid robots)
David Gene Lebell (forklift driver robot)
voice of Phil performed by Jerry Garcia
Catskil's voice and additional material by Jack Carter
Catskil acted by Barry Diamond
Crinebuster's voice by Ron Gans

Alternative Titles

Amor electrónico – Argentine, Peruvian title
Batidas de Coração – Portuguese title
Fábrica de Robô – Brazilian title
Herzquietschen – West German title
Ilk Heyecan – Turkish title
Ruostumatonta rakkautta – Finnish title
Serce robota – Polish title

Extracts included in
The 54th Annual Academy Awards (1982)
Coming Soon (1982)