Haunted (1976)

USA, 1976
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Michael de Gaetano.

Plot Summary

A Native American woman named Abanaki condemns her accusers as she’s put to death and sent topless on horseback into the desert having terrorised a Civil War-era small town. In the mid-70s, she’s still said to be roaming the hills outside town. At a dying-on-its-feet tourist trap movie ranch, brothers Patrick and Russ try in vain to keep it afloat while caring for their blind and widowed mother and are still puzzling over a telephone booth that has been incongruously installed in the town graveyard when British actress Jennifer – who looks just like Abanaki – turns up en route for Hollywood and charms Patrick.


Directed by: Michael De Gaetano
© 1976 Northaire Communications, Inc.
A film by Michael de Gaetano
Produced by: Michael de Gaetano, Nicholas P. Nizich
Associate Producer: Gerik Eberts
Written by: Michael de Gaetano
Director of Photography: William E. Hines
Edited by: Jack B. Hofstra
Music Composed and Conducted by: Lor Crane
Sound Recordist: Alice Erber
Art Direction : Robert Wingo
Filmed on location in Arizona

Aldo Ray (cavalry soldier/Andrew McClone)
Virginia Mayo (Frances McClone)
Ann Michelle (Abenaki/Jennifer Baines)
Jim Negele (Patrick McClone)
Brad Rearden (Russell McClone)
Fred Carroll (Steiner/bartender)
June Ely (Prosperpina)
Carl Belfor (mechanic)
Grady Daugherty (tow truck driver)
Paul Vincenzo (priest/doctor)
George Smith
Leigh Hunt Wilson
Harry Tresize
Robert Bickston
Barry Cooper
Linda Best
Michael Collins
Leo Krokos
Ron Rhode

Alternative Titles

Anruf aus dem Jenseits – West German
Besatt av vålnaden – Sweden (video)
The Glass Cage – working title
Haus der lebenden Toten – West Germany
Schrei aus dem Jenseits – West Germany



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