Haunted (1967-1968)

UK, 18 November 1967-13 January 1968
1 series, 8 episodes, average 60m
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British horror television series.


University philosphy lecturer Michael West investigating claims of supernatural and occult phenomena.


Regular Crew
Produced by: Michael Chapman
Script Editor: Michael Chapman

Regular Cast
Patrick Mower (Michael West)


Broadcast dates are those for transmission in the ABC Midlands ITV area. Southern Television may have show some of the episodes slightly earlier.

I Like It Here (18 November 1967)
Directed by: Patrick Dromgoole
Written by: Anthony Skene
Designed by: Terry Pritchard
Guest Cast: Susan Engel (Kate Stafford); John Nettleton (Professor Ritchie); Michael Barrington (Professor Gordon); Terence Taplin (Henry Vennier); Denis Goacher (Professor Phelps); Derrick Gilbert (Jeremy Hart); Jill Marlowe (Penny Holman); Peter Kenton (John Stringer); Edna Petrie (Miss Spruce); Anna Middleton (Evelyn Harper); Jacqueline Pearce (Jenny Bryce); Norman Atkyns (male nurse); Kathleen Helme (Doctor Rawlins); Ralph Gruskin (Peter Stafford)

The Girl on the Swing (25 November 1967)
Directed by: Guy Verney
Written by: Anthony Skene
Designed by: Darrell Lass
Guest Cast: Michael Farnsworth (John); Lucy Fleming (Helen); Tessa Wyatt (Cherry); Simon Gough (Paul); Olive Milbourne (Mrs Hart); George A. Saunders (Simon); Bart Allison (gardener); Christine Rodgers (Miss Browning); Fabia Drake (Professor Harwood); George Coulouris (vice chancellor); Denis Goacher (Professor Phelps); Peggy Sinclair (Miss Glendower); Michael Francis (Reverend Standish); Richard Curnock (Mr Underwood)

The Chinese Butterfly (2 December 1967)
Directed by: Bill Bain
Written by: John Gray
Designed by: Terry Richards
Guest Cast: Richard Hurndall (Professor Moore); Francisca Tu (Yu Huan); Morris Perry (Professor Harkness); David Phethean (Professor Smith); Gabrielle Drake (Virginia Land); Paul Harper (Tom Cage); Alan Brown (registrar); Darroll Richards (Johnstone)

To Blow My Name About (9 December 1967)
Directed by: Charles Jarrott
Written by: Katherine Blake and Roger Woddis
Designed by: Roy Stannard
Guest Cast: Avis Bunnage (Margaret Rowley); Jack Woolgar (Joseph Rowley); Ronald Lacey (Thomas Rowley); Sarah-Jane Gwillim (Janet Curtis); John Nettleton (Professor Ritchie); Sarah Taunton (Jenny); Charles Collingwood (Scott); Raymond Platt (Neville); Susan Ashworth (Frances); Charles Lloyd Pack (Dr Robert Saunders); Leslie Anderson (Mr Casson); Margaret Heald (Esther)

Many Happy Returns (16 December 1967)
Directed by: Jonathan Alwyn
Written by: Andrew Hall
Designed by: Brian Eatwell
Guest Cast: Eleanor Summerfield (Hyacinth Carrick); Peter Barkworth (Reverend Vernon Gates); Nigel Stock (Oliver Carrick); Stanley McGeagh (Tom); Madeleine Mills (Mollie); Daphne Anderson (Ginny Grainger)

After the Funeral (30 December 1967)
Directed by: Don Leaver
Written by: Robert Muller
Designed by: Eddie Wolfram
Guest Cast: Christian Roberts (Jerry Peters); Jeremy Child (Tony Bingham); Jane Jordan Rogers (Jane Ennering); Steven Scott (Crawley); Fred Stone (George Taveler); John Nettleton (Professor Ritchie); Michael Barrington (Professor Gordon); Dorothy Black (Lady Ennering); Kynaston Reeves (Lord Ennering)

Living Doll (6 January 1968)
Directed by: Jonathan Alwyn
Written by: Anthony Skene
Designed by: William McCrow
Guest Cast: Peter Vaughan (Denzil Hogg); Ingrid Hafner (Indra); Derek Seaton (Peter); Margaret Denyer (Mrs Woodrow); Peggy Sinclair (Miss Glendower); Raymond Platt (Neville); Avice Landon (Professor Waring)

Through a Glass Darkly (13 January 1968)
Directed by: Joan Kemp-Welch
Written by: Marc Brandel
Designed by: David Marshall
Guest Cast: Henry Manning (George Garrett); Mary Chester (Matilda); Janet Chappell (Pat Logan); John Collin (Langley); Natasha Pyne (Caroline Bishop); Susan Field (Miss Garrett); Margaret Gordon (Mrs Hungerford); Peter Williams (Peter Hungerford); John Nettleton (Professor Ritchie); David Saire (David Bishop)

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