Harsh Realm (1999-2000)

USA, 8 October -19 May 2000
1 series, 9 episodes, average 44m each
35mm film, colour, 4:3
Dolby, English

An American science fiction television series created by Chris Carter.


Lt Hobbes is sent into the VR wargame simulation Harsh Realm in search of a missing renegade General who has taken control of the program.


Ten Thirteen Productions, 20th Century Fox Television
Created by: Chris Carter
Inspired by the Harsh Realm comic book series created by James D. Hudnall and Andrew Paquette

Scott Bairstow (Lt Thomas Hobbes)
D.B. Sweeney (Mike Pinnochio)
Terry O'Quinn (Omar Santiago)
Samantha Mathis (Sophie)
Max Martini (Lt Mel Waters)
Sarah-Jane Redmond (Inga Fossa)
Rachel Hayward (Florence)


Leviathan (15 October 1999)
Inga Fossa (22 October 1999)
Pilot (24 March 2000)
Kein Ausgang (14 April 2000)
Reunion (21 April 2000)
Three Percenters (28 April 2000)
Manus Domini (5 May 2000)
Cincinnati (12 May 2000)
Camera Obscura (19 May 1000)

Alternative Titles

Harsh Realm – le royaume – French title
Ryzykowna gra – Polish title
– Kampf ums Überleben – German title
ハーシュ・レルム – Japanese title
Жестокое царство – Russian title

Extracts included in
Inside Harsh Realm (2004)