Hard Rock Zombies (1984)

USA, 1984
35mm film, Fujicolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Krishna Shah.

Plot Summary

Hard rock band Holy Moses has a concert to perform in the small town of Grand Guignol and find themselves playing to an unlikely audience, including werewolves, dwarves, and Adolf Hitler. When singer Jessie falls in love with local girl Cassie, The locals murder the band – who soon come back from the dead looking for revenge.


Director: Krishna Shah
Patel/Shah Film Co
Executive Producer: Shashi Patel
Producer: Krishna Shah
Associate Producers: Sigurjan Sighvatsson, Steve Golin
Script: Krishna Shah [listed on the credits as Kirshna Shah], David Ball
Director of Photography: Tom Richmond
Editor: Amit Bose
Music/Songs: Paul Sabu
Sound Mixer: Steve Nelson
Make-up: Ragna Fossberg
Costume Designer: Patti Callicott
Special Effects Make-up Supervisor: John Carl Buechler
Special Effects Director: John Carl Buechler
Special Pyrotechnic Effects: Frank Schmel
Art Director: Cynthia A. Sowder

E.J. Curcio (Jessie)
Geno Andrews
Sam Mann (Bobby)
Mick Manz
Lisa Toothman (Elsa)
Jennifer Coe (Cassie)
Ted Wells (Ron)
Jack Bliesener (Hitler)
Richard Vidan (sheriff)
H.G. Golas [real name: Phil Fondacaro] (Mickey)
Crystal Shaw (Mrs Buff)
Vincent De Stefano (Olaf)
Gary Friedkin (Buckey)
Christopher Perkins (Christian)
Michael David Simms (Don Matson)
Nadia (Eva)
Susan Prevatte (wolf lady)
Emmanuel Shipov (grandfather)
Stacy Stockman (Lu-Ann)
David O’Hara (Ed)

Extracts included in
American Drive-In (1985)



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