Hard Edge (1997)

UK, 1997
Dolby Stereo, English

A British horror film directed by Caleb Lindsay.

Plot Summary

Two young men on a survival games weekend find themselves hunted by a psychotic sergeant and his friends who are armed with real guns.


Director: Caleb Lindsay
DMS Films
Executive Producer: Daniel M. San
Producers: Daniel M. San, Caleb Lindsay
Co-producer: Anthony B. Sloman
Written by: Caleb Lindsay
Lighting Cameraman: Jonathan Beech
Director of Photography: Clive Tickner
Editor: Anthony B. Sloman
Music Score: Matt Collinge, Jonathan Searle
Sound: Jeff Hawkins, Max Ringham

Luke Shaw
Simon Bateso
David O’Kelly
Matt Lane
Bryan Marshall
Deborah Boxall

Alternative Titles

Hard Contact



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