Happy Birthday to Me (1981)

Canada, 1981
111m, 9951 feet
35mm Film, Metrocolor

A Canadian horror film directed by J. Lee Thompson.

Plot Summary

As her birthday approaches, Virginia’s friends at the exclusive Crawford Academy are being murdered by an unknown assailant.


Directed by: J. Lee Thompson
© The Birthday Film Company 1981
Columbia Pictures presents a John Dunning & Andre Link production. A J. Lee Thompson film. A film produced wit hthe participation of The Canadian Film Development Corporation and Famous Players Ltd.
Produced by: John Dunning, André Link
Line Producer: Stewart Harding
Associate Producer: Lawrence Nesis
Screenplay by: John Saxton, Peter Jobin, Timothy Bond
Story by: John Saxton
Director of Photography: Miklos Lente
Edited by: Debra Karen
Music by: Bo Harwood, Lance Rubin
Production Sound Mixer: Richard Lightstone
Costume Designer: Huguette Gagne
Makeup: Jocelyne Bellemare
Hairdresser: Bob Pritchett
Special Makeup Effects by: The Burman Studio
Special Effects Co-ordinators: King Hernandez, Bill Doane, Warren Keillor, Ron Ottesen
Production Designer: Earl Preston
Casting: casablanca Productions Inc.

Melissa Sue Anderson (Virginia)
Glenn Ford (Dr Faraday)
Lawrence Dane (Hal Wainwright)
Sharon Acker (Estelle)
Frances Hyland (Mrs Patterson)
Tracy Bregman (Ann)
Jack Blum (Alfred)
Matt Craven (Steve)
Lenore Zann (Maggie)
David Eisner (Rudi)
Michel Rene Labelle (Etienne)
Richard Rebiere (Greg)
Lesleh Donaldson (Bernadette)
Lisa Langlois (Amelia)
Earl Pennington (Lieutenant Tracy)
Murray Westgate (gatekeeper)
Jérôme Tiberghien (Prof. Heregard)
Maurice Podbrey (Dr Feinblum)
Vlasta Vrana (bartender)
Walter Massey (conventioneer leader)

Alternative Titles

Ab in die Ewigkeit – Austrian, German title
Aniversário Macabro – Portuguese title
Blodig fødselsdag – Danish title
Boldog születésnapom! – Hungarian title
Compleanno di sangue – Italian title
Cumpleaños mortal – Spanish title
Feliz Aniversário Para Mim – Brazilian title
Feliz cumpleaños a mí – Mexican DVD title
Feliz cumpleaños para mí – Argentine, Mexican title
Ta genethlia tou tromou – Greek title
Happy Birthday: Souhaitez de ne jamais être invité – French title
Happy Birthday, souhaitez ne jamais être invité – French Canadian title
‘N moord verjaardag – Dutch title
Onnellista syntymäpäivää – Finnish title
Srećan mi rođendan – Serbian title
Upiorne urodziny – Polish title
Vse najboljse za moj rojstni dan – Slovenian title
С Днем Рождения меня – Russian title
Честит ми Рожден ден – Bulgarian title
誕生日はもう来ない – Japanese title

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