Happy as Larry (1948b)

UK, 14 May 1948

A British fantasy television special produced by George More O’Ferrall. It was the second of two live performances (the first had been on 9 May 1948) and neither were recorded.

Plot Summary

A group of tailors is carried across the precipice of time to avenge a murder that took place fifty years earlier, helped by three women from Hades.


Produced by: George More O’Ferrall
Written by: Donagh MacDonagh
Settings: Barry Learoyd

Liam Redmond (Larry)
Elspeth March (Mrs Larry)
Sheila Manahan (widow)
Fred Johnson (doctor)
Edward Byrne (Seamus)
Christopher Steele (gravedigger)
Wilfred Brambell (first tailor)
Denis Carey (second tailor)
Brian Carey (third tailor)
W.A. Kelly (fourth tailor)
Sally Travers (Clotho)
Phyllis Ryan (Lachesis)
Yvonne Coulette (Atropos)

Remake of
Happy as Larry (1948a)