Hands of the Ripper (1971)

35mm, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Peter Sasdy. In the UK it was released on a double bill with Twins of Evil (1971).

Plot Summary

As a baby, Anna sees her mother brutally murdered by her father, . Years later, as a young woman, she is haunted by the last memory of her father, of his embrace as light from his knife reflected on her face. Now, whenever these conditions are recreated, she becomes wildly homicidal. She's taken in by Freudian psychologist Dr Pritchard who recognises her father's inheritance but fails to recognise the trigger for her murderous behaviour.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Peter Sasdy
© MCMLXXI [1971] Hammer Film Productions Ltd.
The Rank Organisation presents a Hammer production. Distributed by Rank Film Distributors Limited
Produced by: Aida Young
Production Manager: Christopher Sutton
Screenplay by: L.W. Davidson
From an original story by Edward Spencer Shew
Assistant Director: Ariel Levy
Continuity: Gladys Goldsmith
Director of Photography: Kenneth Talbot
Editor: Christopher Barnes
Processed by: Rank Film Laboratories
Music Composed by: Christopher Gunning
Musical Supervisor: Philip Martell
Sound Recordist: Kevin Sutton
Sound Editor: Frank Goulding
Dubbing Mixer: Ken Barker
Wardrobe Supervisor: Rosemary Burrows
Wardrobe Mistress: Eileen Sullivan
Make-up Supervisor: Bunty Phillips
Hairdressing Supervisor: Pat McDermott
Special Make Up Effects: Roy Ashton *
Special Effects: Cliff Culley
Art Director: Roy Stannard
Construction Manager: Arthur Banks
Made at: Pinewood Studios, London, England

Eric Porter (Dr John Pritchard)
Jane Merrow (Laura)
Derek Godfrey (Dysart)
Angharad Rees (Anna)
Marjorie Rhodes (Mrs Bryant)
Keith Bell (Michael Pritchard)
Margaret Rawlings (Madame Bullard)
Lynda Barron (Long Liz)
Marjie Lawrence (Dolly)
Norman Bird (police inspector)
Elizabeth MacLennan (Mrs Wilson)
A.J. Brown (Reverend Anderson)
Barry Lowe (Mr Wilson)
Dora Bryan (Mrs Golding)
April Wilding (Catherine)
Anne Clune (1st cell whore)
Vicki Woolf (2nd cell whore)
Katya Wyeth (1st pub whore)
Beulah Hughes (2nd pub whore)
Tallulah Miller (3rd pub whore)
Peter Munt (peasant)
Philip Ryan (police constable)
Molly Weir (maid)
Charles Lamb (guard)
Ann Way [seamstress – uncredited]
Danny Lyons [Jack the Ripper – uncredited]

Alternative Titles

Gli artigli dello squartatore – Italy
De Blodiga händerna – Sweden
Las manos del destripador – Spain

Production Notes

For an R rating in the US, the murders of Long Liz and the housemaid were trimmed, notably the second stab to the latter.


Today's Cinema no.9946 (8 October 1971) p.25
When it comes to making the fantastically impossible seem not only credible but almost logical, you can't do better than select a cast of actors well versed in the art of portraying characters in depth even when there isn't much depth provided in the script. Hands of the Ripper has the flimsiest of plots, one that could be reduced to shreds by the lightest puff of derision. It holds together because the actors play it for real with magnificent unawareness of the sublime daftness of it all. Eric Porter, writhing in agony as he hooks the swordhilt round the door handle in order to drag the weapon out of his body, is a sight for the sorest of eyes. – from a review by Marjorie Bilbow



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