Half Hour Story: Wedlock (1967)

UK, 16 August
videotape, black and white
mono, English

A British comedy science fiction television play written by William Marchant and directed by Jim Hodgetts.

Plot Summary

It's 1992 and Jimmy and Flora Halliwell-Holmes' seven year marriage licence is up for renewal which causes them no end of problems.


Directed by: Jim Hodgetts
Rediffusion Network production
Producer: Stella Richman
Associate Producer: Paul Knight
Written by: William Marchant
Music by: Jack Parnell
Designed by: William McCrow

Sylvia Syms (Flora Halliwell-Holmes)
Peter Barkworth (Jimmy Halliwell-Holmes)
Pamela Ann Davy (Miss A.R.C.)
Marianne Stone (Miss E.G.H.)