Gu jing you hun (1974)

Hong Kong, Taiwan,
35mm film, colour

A Hong Kong film directed by Tsu-shou Sung.

Plot Summary

A young man agrees to copy the Buddhist scriptures and live a life of celibacy and solitude in exchange for the help that might save his dying mother. He retires to a remote, abandoned house with only a slave boy, Ching, for company and discovers a well that is believed to be haunted. Soon he is being haunted by Su-Su, The ghost of a girl who drowned in the well which has joined with the mirror spirit Yau Ying and is being menaced by an evil dragon.


Director: Tsu-shou Sung
Producer: Cheuk Hon Wong
Script: Yong Xiang Zhang
Director of Photography: Zhongyuan Chen
Music: Fu-Liang Chow

Shih Chun
Zhuohuang Huang
Pai Yin (Su-Su/Yau Ying)
Qinxia Lin
Cunshou Song

Alternative Titles

Ghost of the Mirror – Hong Kong (English)



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