Grottmorden (1990)

mono, Swedish

A Swedish horror film directed by Mats Helge and Anders Nilsson.

Plot Summary

A TV crew arrives at a remote farm ready to make a film about the place's history only to fall foul of a pair of armed robbers who are using the house as a hideout. Things get even worse when all of them run into a psychotic maniac who has been living in the beneath the farm since he was a child.


Directors: Mats Helge, Anders Nilsson
Executive Producers: Mats Helge, A-R Hellquist, Gunnar Trossö
Producer: Mats Helge, Roger Lundgren
Written by: Madeleine Bruze [real name: Madeleine Bruzélius], Tim Earle, Mats Helge, A-R Hellquist, Tina Ljung, Andrew Nelson [real name: Anders Nilsson], Gunnar Trossö
Director of Photography: Anders Nilsson
Editor: Anders Nilsson
Music: Dough Anderzon
Costume Designers: Lotta Ericson, Annika Soneby
Make-up: Victoria Johansson
Hair Stylist: Victoria Johansson
Production Designer: Christer Thunberg

A-R Hellquist (Peter Savage)
Gareth Hunt (Craig Lammar)
Taggen Axelson (Tanner)
Adent Cederblad [real name: Magnus Cederblad] (Mike)
Eva-Karin Bengtson (Suzy)
Camilla Lunden (Jane)
Eva Anderson (Chris)
Frederick Offrein (Bellamy)
Lars Lundgren (first heavy)
Tina Ljung (nurse #1)
Annika Soneby (nurse #2)
Andrew Nelson [real name: Anders Nilsson] (hospital guard)
Lenita (Bellamy's girl)
Gunilla Johanson (woman in VW)
Peo Janson (man in VW)
Tommy Ellgren (Thomson)
Pepe (bald heavy)
Kjell Lager (man in tunnels)
Helena Michaelsen [real name: Helle Michaelsen] (Lammar's girlfriend)
Sam Cook (police officer)
Janicke Leikanger (girl in Peugeot)
Hans Aronson

Alternative Titles

The Forgotten Wells
Jagad i underjorden – Sweden (video)