Gritos en la noche (1962)

Spain, France,
35mm film, black and white
mono, Spanish

A Spanish/French horror film diected by Jesus Franco.

Plot Summary

Former prison doctor Dr Orloff is trying to repair the terrible scarring on his daughter's face and has taken to sending his deformed assistant Morpho out to abduct beautiful young women from nightclubs. But a young police office and his ballerina girlfriend are about to spring a trap that could put an end to Orloff's practices.


Directed by: Jess Frank [real name: Jesus Franco; Walter Alexander on Italian prints]
Filmar presents [Italian version]; Leo Lax & Plaza Films International present [English language version]; Hispamer Films P.C./Leo Lax Production/Ydex Eurociné
Producers: Leo Lax [real name: Marius Lesoeur], Serge Newman
Associate Producer: Serge Newman, Hispamer Film
Production Managers: Gerardo Mendiburu, Angel Rosson
Written by: Jesus Franco
Based on a Novel by: David Khune [real name: Jesus Franco; credited as David Roberts on Italian prints]
Assistant Director: Alfredo Hurtado
Director of Photography: G. Pacheco [real name: Godofredo Pacheco; Mark Harrison on Italian prints]
Assistant Director of Photography: Javier Perez Zofio
Camera: Maria del Carmen Martinez Roman
Editor: Alfonso Santacana [Tony Hutchings on Italian prints]
Labs: Laboratoires CTM, Gennevilliers, France; Madrid Film S.A., Madrid, Spain
Music: José Pagán, Antonio Ramírez Ángel [Raymond Walton on Italian prints]
Additional Music: Jesus Franco
Production Designer: Antonio Simont
Locations: Madrid, Spain; Ballesteros Studios, Spain

Howard Vernon [Dr Orloff]
Perla Cristal [Arne]
Richard Valley [real name: Ricardo Valle] [Morpho]
Diana Lorys [Wanda Bronsky]
Conrado San Martín [Inspector Tanner]
Mary Silvers [real name: María Silva] [Dany]
Mara Laso [Irma Gold]
Venancio Muro [Jean Rousseau]
Félix Dafauce [Inspector]
Faustino Cornejo
Manuel Vázquez [Klemp]
Juan Antonio Riquelme
Fernando C. Montes [Maurice]
Elena María Tejeiro
Javier de Rivera
Ángel Calero
Fernando Sala
Laly Vicent
José Carlos Arévalo
Rafael Ibáñez
Carmen Porcel
Rafael Hernández
Marisa Paredes
Juan García Tiendra
Jesus Franco [piano player]

The Italian version has this for the cast:
Julie Hamilton
John Sullivan
Diana Lorys
Conrad Sanmartin
Neil Jackson

Alternative Titles

The Awful Dr Orloff – USA
Cries in the Night
The Demon Doctor
– UK
The Diabolical Dr Satan
Il diabolico dottore Satana
– Italy
L'horrible Docteur Orlof
– France
Der Schreckliche Dr Orloff
– West Germany

Extracts included in
Revenge in the House of Usher (1982)
Shiver and Shudder Show (2001)

Cries in the Night (2003)

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