Gothic (1986)

UK, 1986
35mm film, Eastmancolor, Dolby

A British horror film directed by Ken Russell.

Plot Summary

Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, his wife Mary, his cousin Claire and their doctor friend Polidori convene at the Villa Diodato in Switzerland for a weekend of drugs, sex and literary invention. As the group battle their narcotics fuelled madness, Mary dreams up the basis for what will eventually become her novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Ken Russell
© Virgin Vision Ltd., 1986
Polygram Filmed Entertainment. Virgin Vision presents. A Ken Russell film. ‘Gothic‘ was developed in association with Robert Fox
Executive Producers: Al Clark and Robert Devereux
Produced by: Penny Corke
Screenplay by: Stephen Volk
Director of Photography: Mike Southon
Editor: Michael Bradsell
Music Composed by: Thomas Dolby
Sound Mixer: Bruce White
Costume Design: Victoria Russell, Kay Gallwey
Chief Make-Up Artiste: Pat Hay
Chief Hairdresser: Meinir Brock
Hairdresser: Tracey Smith
Special Effects by: Ace Effects
Production Designer: Christopher Hobbs

Gabriel Byrne (Byron)
Julian Sands (Shelley)
Natasha Richardson (Mary Shelley)
Myriam Cyr (Claire)
Timothy Spall (Dr Polidori)
Alec Mango (Murray)
Andreas Wisniewski (Fletcher)
Dexter Fletcher (Rushton)
Pascal King (Justine)
Tom Hickey (tour guide)
Linda Coggin (Turkish mechanical woman)
Kristine Landon-Smith (mechanical woman)
Chris Chappel (man in armour)
Mark Pickard (young William)
Kiran Shah (Fuseli monster)
Christine Newby, Kim Tillesly (Shelley fans)
Ken Russell [tourist] *

Alternative Titles

Yövieraat – Finland
Gotyk – Poland

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