Gorgo (1960)

77m, 6916 feet/2108 metres
35mm, Technicolor
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

A British monster film directed by Eugene Lourie. It was originally released in on 27 October 1961.

Plot Summary

An undersea earthquake off the coast of Ireland heralds the arrival of a giant monster that trashes a local town. The creature is captured by the crew of an American salvage vessel and taken back to London where it is put on display before an incredulous public. But the monster turns out to be a baby – and its mother is on its way to get it back…


Directed by: Eugene Lourie
©1960 King Brothers Productions Ltd.
King Bros. Productions Ltd. presents
Executive Producer: Frank King
Executive Producer (Administration): Maurice King
Producer: Wilfred Eades
Associate Producer: James Leicester
Screen Play: John Loring – Daniel Hyatt
Original Story: Eugene Lourie – Daniel Hyatt
Director of Photography: F.A. Young
Edited by: Eric Boyd-Perkins
Music by: Angelo Lavagnino
Recording Supervisor: A.W. Watkins
Sound Recordist: John Bramall
Wardrobe: Harry Haynes
Make-Up: Stella Morris
Floor Special Effects: F. Hallenberg *, T. Clar *
Special Photographic Effects: Tom Howard
Art Director: Elliott Scott
Filmed at: MGM British Studios

Bill Travers (Joe Ryan)
William Sylvester (Sam Slade)
Vincent Winter (Sean)
Bruce Seton (Professor Flaherty)
Joseph O'Conor (Professor Hendricks)
Martin Benson (Dorkin)
Barry Keegan (first mate)
Dervis Ward (bosun)
Christopher Rhodes (McCartin)
Maurice Kaufmann (radio reporter)
Basil Dignam (Admiral Brooks)
Thomas Duggan (1st naval officer)
Howard Lang (1st colonel)

Alternative Titles

I epistrofi tou Gorgo – Greece (re-release)
Gorgo, o gargantouas – Greece
King Gorgo – Greece (re-release)

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Extracts included in
Creepy Classics (1987)



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