Goodbye Gemini (1970)

UK, 1970
87m 10s
35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Alan Gibson.

Plot Summary

Twins Jacki and Julian find themselves hopelessly out of their depth in swinging London when they fall foul of debt-ridden gambler Clive. The twins are soon embroiled in a blackmail plot that gets seriously – and terrifyingly – out of hand.


Directed by: Alan Gibson
© MCMLXX [1970] Cinerama Inc.
A Joseph Shaftel production
Executive Producer: Joseph Shaftel
Produced by: Peter Snell
Associate Producer: William Hill
Screenplay by: Edmund Ward
From the novel “Ask Agamemnon” by Jenni Hall
Photographed by: Geoffrey Unsworth
Editor: Ernest Hosler
Music Composed by: Christopher Gunning
Sound Recordist: Leslie Hammond
Costume Designer: Sandy Moss
Make Up: Harry Frampton
Hairdresser: Pat McDermott
Production Designer: Wilfred Shingleton
Locations: London, England, UK
Studio: Twickenham Studios, London, UK *
Casting: Irene Lamb

Judy Geeson (Jacki)
Martin Potter (Julian)
Michael Redgrave (James Harrington-Smith)
Alexis Kanner (Clive Landseer)
Mike Pratt (Rod Barstowe)
Marion Diamond (Denise Pryce-Fletcher)
Freddie Jones (David Curry)
Peter Jeffrey (Detective Inspector Kingsley)
Terry Scully (Nigel Garfield)
Daphne Heard (Mrs McLaren)
Laurence Hardy (minister)
Joseph Fürst (Georgiu)
Ricky Renee (Myra)
Barry Scott (Audrey)
Brian Wilde (taxidriver)
Hilda Barry (stallholder)
Jack Connell (barman)

Alternative Titles

Ask Agamemnon – shooting title
Dziewczyna na pozegnanie – Polish title
Twinsanity – US title


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