Goliath Awaits (1981)

USA, November
1 series, 2 episodes, average 100m [also released as a 110m compilation on video]
colour, 1.33:1
mono, English

An American borderline science fiction television mini-series directed by Kevin Connor.

Plot Summary

During World War II, the passenger liner Goliath sinks after being torpedoed by a German U-boat. Decades later, a salvage mission is amazed to find that some of the passengers and crew survived in air pockets trapped in the hull and have developed a strange, harshly regulated society that is now threatened by the arrival of the salvage team.


Directed by: Kevin Connor
© MVMLXXXI by Columbia Pictures Enterprises a division of Columbia Pictures Television, Inc.
A Larry White – Gay-Jay production in association with Columbia Pictures Television
Executive Producer: Larry White
Produced by: Hugh Benson
Co-Produced by: Richard Bluel
Associate Producer: Pat Fielder
Teleplay by: Richard Bluel and Pat Fielder
Story by: Richard Bluel and Pat Fielder and Hugh Benson
Director of Photography: Al Francis
Film Editors: J. Terry Williams and Donald Douglas
Music by: George Duning
Costume Designer: Grady Hunt
Make-Up by: Karl Silvera
Hairstylist: Carolyn Ferguson
Special Effects: Joe Unsinn
Production Designer: Ross Bellah
Filmed on location on the North Sea, Edinburgh, Scotland and at The Burbank Studios
Casting Executive: Meryl O'Loughlin
Casting Director: Susan Newell

Eddie Albert (Admiral Sloan)
John Carradine (Ronald Bentley)
Alex Cord (Dr Sam Marlowe)
Robert Forster (Commander Jeff Selkirk)
Frank Gorshin (Dan Wesker)
Mark Harmon (Peter Cabot)
Christopher Lee (John McKenzie)
Jean Marsh (Dr Goldman)
John McIntire (Senator Bartholomew)
Jeanette Nolan (Mrs Bartholomew)
Duncan Regehr (Paul Ryker)
Emma Samms (Lea McKenzie)
Alan Fudge (Lew Bascomb)
George Innes
John Ratzenberger (Bill Sweeney)
Julie Bennett (Sylvia King)
John Berwick (crewman)
Kirk Cameron (Liam)
Colin Drake (old man)
Tom Dunstan (Agra worker)

Alternative Titles

Goliath – Sensation nach 40 Jahren – West German title