Godmonster of Indian Flats (1973)

USA, 1973
35mm film, colour, 1.37:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Fredric Hobbs.

Plot Summary

In the former mining town of Silverdale, Nevada, the population are ruled over by the corrupt local mayor who opposes the attempts of an outsider to buy shares in the old mine. Meanwhile, a mutant killer sheep has been discovered, the product of noxious gases escaping from the mineshafts. Removed to a laboratory, the creature grows to 8 feet tall and is soon on the rampage.


Directed by: Fredric Hobbs
© [not given on screen]
Bremson International presents a Fredric Hobbs film
Executive Producer: Robert S. Bremson
Produced by: Fredric Hobbs
Associate Producer: William L. Sullivan
Written by: Fredric Hobbs
Director of Photography: William Heich
Technical Director: Editing, Continuity, Sound: Richard Serly Brummer
Musical Score: Henri Price
Costumes: Ann Wagner
Monster Design: Fredric Hobbs
Filmed on location in Virginia City, Nevada, USA a U.S. National Historical Monument

Christopher Brooks [Barnstable – listed in the opening titles but not the end]
Stuart Lancaster (Charles Silverdale)
E. Kerrigan Prescott (Dr Clemens)
Peggy Browne (Madame Alta)
Richard Marion (Eddie)
Karen Ingenthron (Mariposa)
Robert Hirschfeld (Sheriff Gordon)
Steven Kent Browne (Philip Maldove)
Erica Gavin (girl at bar)
Terry Wills (Elbow Johnson)
Evalyn Stanley (Alta’s girl)
Carolyn Beaupre [listed in the opening titles but not the end]
Andre Brummer (Garbage Mike)
Marianne Browne (change girl)
Joan Zerien, Ann Wagner (Alta’s girls)
Jack Curran, Chip Cash, Murray Mac, Bruce Ratcliffe (banjo band)
P.S. Kreiger, Frank Ford, Walter Daniels, Richard Walton, George Costello (deputies)
Gordon Lane (bartender)
Ann Lane (lady barker)
Reno Jaycee’s Ghostriders (shootout stuntmen)



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