God Told Me To (1976)

USA, 1975
35mm film, Metrocolor
mono, English

An American science fiction/horror film directed by Larry Cohen.

Plot Summary

Peter Nicholas, a New York police detective investigates a series of mysterious mass murders in which the only link is the phrase “God told me to” uttered by the killers before they killed themselves. As his investigations continue, he uncovers a strange, Christ-like figure who was known briefly to all of the killers…


Director: Larry Cohen
© 1975, The Georgia Company
A Larco Production
Executive Producers: Edgar J. Scherick, Daniel Blatt
Producer: Larry Cohen
Script: Larry Cohen
Director of Photography: Paul Glickman
Editing Staff: Arthur Mandelberg, William J. Waters, Christopher Lebenzon, Mike Corey
Music: Frank Cordell
Sound: Jeffrey Hayes
Deborah Raffin’s Wardrobe: Halston
Special Make Up: Steve Neill

Tony Lo Bianco (Peter Nicholas)
Deborah Raffin (Casey Forster)
Sandy Dennis (Martha Nicholas)
Sylvia Sidney (Elizabeth Mullin)
Sam Levene (Everett Lukas)
Robert Drivas (David Morten)
Mike Kellin (deputy police commissioner)
Richard Lynch (Bernard Phillips)
Sammy Williams (Harold Gorman)
Jo Flores Chase (Mrs Gorman)
William Roerick (Richards)
Lester Rawlins (board chairman)
Harry Bellaver (Cookie)
George Patterson (Zero)
Walter Steele (junkie)
John Heffernan (Bramwell)
Alan Cauldwell (Bramwell (as a youth))
Robert Nichols (Fletcher)
Andy Kaufman (police assassin)
Al Fann, James Dixon, Bobby Ramsen, Peter Hock, Alex Stevens, Harry Madsen, Randy Jurgensen (detective squad)

Alternative Titles

Demon – UK
Meurtres sous contrôle – France
Paholainen – Finland

Includes extracts from
Space: 1999 (1975-1978)

Extracts included in
A Century of Science Fiction (1996)
Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell (1987)


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