Girls School Screamers (1984)

35mm film, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American horror film directed by John P. Finegan.

Plot Summary

A group of girls from a Catholic school are sent to help renovate a nearby mansion which turns out to be haunted by a vengeful that soon begins murdering them.


Directed by: John P. Finegan
© 1984
Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman present a Troma Team release
A Bandit Production
Executive Producers: Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz
Produced by: John P. Finegan, Pierce J. Keating, James W. Finegan Jr
Screen Play: John P. Finegan
Story by: John P. Finegan, Katie Keating, Pierce J. Keating
Director of Photography: Albert R. Jordan
Editor: Thomas R. Rondinella
Music and Sound Effects: John Hodian
Location Sound Recordist: Bruce A. Levin
Costume Designer: Katie Keating
Makeup: Maryanne Ebner
Special Effects Makeup: John Mafei
Hair: Joanne Grossman
Production Designer: John P. Finegan
Locations Provided by: Belvedere Mansion, Philadelphia, Pa.

Mollie O'Mara (Jackie, Jennifer)
Sharon Christopher (Elizabeth)
Mari Butler (Kate)
Karen Krevitz (Susan)
Beth O'Malley (Karen)
Monica Antonucci (Rosemary)
Marcia Hinton (Adelle)
Peter C. Cosimano (Paul)
Vera Gallagher (Sister Urban)
Charles Braun (Tyler Welles)
Tony Manzo ( Robert Fisher)
John Turner (Bruce)
James W. Finegan Sr (Pul's father)
Jeff Menapace (Billy the coma boy)
Colleen Harrity (Sister Mary)
Eva Keating McKendrick (youmg Mother Urban)
John and Vicki McKeever (coma boy's parents)
Daniel J. Keating Jr (reader of will)
Miriam Spiller (Sister Agnes)
Ray Spiller (school van driver)
Katie Keating (hospital nurse)
Kim Robinson (candy striper)



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