Gip-eun bam gabjagi (1981)

South Korea,

A South Korean horror film directed by Ko Young-Nam.

Plot Summary

A botanist returns from a field trip with Mi-ok, the daughter of a shaman priestess, much to his wife Sun-hi's dismay. Driven mad by jealousy she accidentally kills Mi-ok and is soon tormented by terrifying of a strange wooden doll she found in both her husband's belongings and Mi-ok's clothes…


Director: Ko Young-Nam
Nam A Pictures Co
Producer: Seo Jong-Ho
Script: Yoon Sam-Yuk
Director of Photography: Jeong Pil-Si
Editor: Hyeon Dong-Chun
Music: Choi Jong-Hyeok
Sound Recordists: Motion Picture Promotion Corporation
Art Director: Cho Kyeong-Hwan

Yoon Il-Bong
Kim Young-Ae
Lee Ki-Seon
Han Hye-Ri