Giochi erotici di una famiglia per bene (1975)

Italy, 1975
35mm film, colour
mono, Italian

An Italian borderline horror film directed by Francesco Degli Espinosa.

Plot Summary

Riccardo catches his wife Elisa with her lover, drugs her and dumps her lifeless body in a lake. Later His teenage neice Barbara turns up looking for her aunt Elisa and Riccardo tries to lie his way out of trouble. But then he overhears Barbara apparently talking to Elisa on the telephone…


Director: Francesco Degli Espinosa
A film produced by Enzo Matassi [real name: Vincenzo Matassi.</.ref> for Emat Cinematografica
Production Manager: Giuseppe Frontani
Production Supervisor: Giuseppe Gargiulo
Story and Screenplay: Renato Polselli
Assistant Director: Francesco Degli Espinosa
Continuity: Clara Tamburini
Director of Photography: Angelo Baistrocchi
Camera Assistant: Massimo Lupi
Stills Photographers: Giancarlo Filoni, Gianni De Martis
Editor: Roberto Colangeli
Music by: Felice and Gianfranco Di Stefano
Make-up: Gloria Granati
Sound: Sandro Occhetti, Bruo Penzo
Art Director: Giovanni Fratalocchi
Assistant Art Director: Stefano Paltrinieri

Donald O’Brien [Riccardo Rossi]
Erika Blanc [Eva]
Malisa Longo (Elisa)
Maria D’Incoronato [Barbara]
Gianni Pulone [man with moustache]
Carla Mancini

Alternative Titles

Erotic Games of a Respectable Family – English language title
Juegos eroticos amorales – Spain
Juegos eróticos de una familia bien – Spain
Thrilling Story – working title



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