Giant from the Unknown (1957)

USA, 1957
35mm film, black and white, 1.85:1
mono (Westrex Recording System), English

An American horror film directed by Richard E. Cunha.

Plot Summary

The body of a legendary Spanish conquistador is revived and goes on a murderous rampage.


Directed by: Richard E. Cunha
© MCMLVII [1957] by Screencraft Enterprises
A Screencraft Enterprises production. Released by Astor Pictures Corporation
Produced by: Arthur A. Jacobs
Associate Producer: Marc Frederic
Story and Screenplay by: Frank Hart Taussig, Ralph Brooke
Cinematography: Dick Cunha [real name: Richard E. Cunha]
Edited by: Screencraft
Music by: Albert Glasser
Sound Mixer: Robert Post
Wardrobe: Marge Corso, Grace Kuhn
[And Buddy Baer in] Makeup Created by: Jack Pierce
Special Effects: Harold Banks

Edward Kemmer [Wayne Brooks]
Sally Fraser [Janet Cleveland]
Bob Steele [Sheriff Parker]
Morris Ankrum [Professor Frederick Cleveland]
Oliver Blake [cafe owner]
Joline Brand [Ann Brown]
Billy Dix [Indian Joe]
Gary Crutcher [Charlie Brown]
Ned Davenport, Ewing Miles [townspeople]
Buddy Baer [Vargas, the giant]

Alternative Titles

The Diablo Giant – working title
Giant from Diablo Point – working title
Giant of Devil’s Crag – working title
El gigante de la isla misteriosa – Spain
El gigante de la tierra misteriosa – Spain (DVD)
El gigante de otro mundo – Argentina, Mexico
O Gigante do Outro Mundo – Brazil
In den Klauen des Giganten – West Germany

Extracts included in
Nightmare Theatre’s Late Night Chill-o-Rama Horror Show Vol. 1 (1996)



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