Ghost Story (1974)

35mm film, Fujicolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Stephen Weeks.

Plot Summary

A trio of college friends arrive at a mansion for a reunion where one of them, Talbot, begins suffering of a young woman being confined to a lunatic asylum and is haunted by the woman's apparently living doll.


Directed by: Stephen Weeks
Made entirely on location by © Stephen Weeks Company Limited, Penhow Castle, Gwent, UK 1974. A Stephen Weeks Company film
Produced by: Stephen Weeks
Associate Producers: Eric Howes & Rupert Prior
Production Manager: George Mills
Story & Screenplay: Philip Norman, Rosemary Sutcliff & Stephen Weeks
Cameraman: Peter Hurst
Assistant Cameraman: Jim Alloway
Lighting Consultant: Quentin Jacobson
Photographed in Fujicolor
Processed by: Bombay Film Laboratories and Humphries Laboratories London
Editor: Jon Costelloe
Music by: Ron Geesin
Dubbing Mixer: Doug Turner
Dubbing Editor: Marion Curren
Location Sound: Nagra Sound Service
Sound Re-recorded at: De Lane Lea Sound, London
Wardrobe: Joelle Weeks
Costumes Supplied by: Bermans & Nathans
Titles by: Paul Colsell
Production Designed by: Peter Young
Production Consultant: Ronald Lacey
Location Associates: Nasir Khan & Ashra Sheth
The Producers gratefully acknowledge the help of Air India and London Transport in making this film

Anthony Bate (Dr Borden)
Larry Dann (Talbot)
Marianne Faithfull (Sophy [Kwykwer])
Sally Grace (girl)
Penelope Keith (Rennie)
Leigh Lawson (Robert)
Vivian Mackerall (Duller)
Murray Melvin (McFayden)
Barbara Shelley (matron)

Alternative Titles

Asylum – working title
Madhouse Mansion – USA (video)

Extracts included in
Terror on Tape (1983)



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