Ghost Ship (1952)

35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono, English

A British horror film directed by Vernon Sewell. It was the third of Sewell's reworkings of Pierre Mills and C. Vylars play L'Angoisse, the first two being The Medium (1934) and Latin Quarter (1945). A final version, House of Mystery followed in 1961.

Plot Summary

A young couple buy a supposedly haunted yacht but are sceptical about the ghost. But when the haunting presence makes itself known, their scepticism begins to crumble and it isn't long before they're calling on the services of a professional ghost-hunter and a medium to uncover the truth.


Directed by: Vernon Sewell
© [not given on screen]
Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors Ltd [logo]. Nat Cohen and Stuart Levy present
Associate Producer: Henry Geddes
Written by: Vernon Sewell
Additional Dialogue by: Philip Thornton
Photographed by: Stanley Grant
Film Editor: Francis Bieber
Music Score by: Eric Spear
Sound Recordist: R.S.W. Smith
Western Electric Recording
Art Director: George Haslam
World Distribution by: Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors Ltd
Interior Sequences Made at: Merton Park Studios

Hazel Court (Margaret [Thornton])
Dermot Walsh (Guy [Thornton])
Hugh Burden (Dr Fawcett)
John Robinson (Mansel/Martineau)
Joss Ambler (yard manager)
Joan Carol (Mrs Martineau)
Hugh Latimer (Peter)
Laidman Browne (coroner)
Mignon O'Doherty (Mrs Manley)
Meadows White (surveyor [Mr Leech])
Pat McGrath (Bert)
Joss Ackland (Ron)
John King-Kelly (Sid)
Colin Douglas (1st engineer)
Jack Stewart (2nd engineer)
Anthony Marlowe ([Thomas] Salter (Lloyd's surveyor))
Geoffrey Dunn (strange passenger)
Ian Carmichael (Bernard)
Anthony Hayes (pianist)
Barry Phelps (steward)
Robert Moore (police inspector)
Ewen Solon (plain clothes man)
Jock Finlay (policeman)
Madoline Thomas (housekeepr [Mrs Morgan])
Graham Stuart (1st guest)
Gordon Bell (2nd guest)
Patricia Owens (Joyce)
Melissa Stribling (Vera)

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