Ghost in the Machine (1993)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo, English

An American science fiction horror film directed by Rachel Talalay.

Plot Summary

The soul of an executed serial killer finds its way into a mainframe computer and uses it to launch further attacks.


Directed by: Rachel Talalay
© 1993 by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
A Paul Schiff production. A Rachel Talalay film. Produced and released by Twentieth Century Fox
Produced by: Paul Schiff
Co-producers: William Osborne, William Davies, Barry Sabath
Line Producer: Aron Warner
Written by: William Davies, William Osborne
Director of Photography: Philip Méheux
FIlm Editors: Janice Hampton, Erica Huggins
Music by: Graeme Revell
Sound Mixer: Mark Weingarten
Costume Designer: Isis Mussenden
Makeup Supervisor: Sheryl Berkoff-Lowe
Hairstylist: Peggy Semtob
Makeup Effects and Animatronics: Tony Gardener
Special Effects Makeup: Alterian Studios
Special Visual Effects Produced by: VIFX
Computer Display Screen Animation by: Cimity Art
Substation Matte Painting by: Matte World
Production Designer: James Spencer
Casting by: David Rubin, Debra Zane

Karen Allen (Terry Munroe)
Chris Mulkey (Bram)
Ted Marcoux (Karl)
Wil Horneff (Josh Monroe)
Jessica Walter (Elaine)
Brandon Quintin Adams (Frazer)
Rick Ducommun (Phil)
Nancy Fish (Karl's landlord)
Jack Laufer (Elliott)
Shevonne Durkin (Carol)
Richard McKenzie (Frank Mallory)
Mimi Lieber (Marta)
Mickey Gilbert (Mickey the driver)
Ken Thorley (salesman)
Carl Gabriel Yorke (safety technician)
Richard Schiff (scanner technician)
Clayton Landey (Mel)
Walter Addison (veteran cop)
Matthew Glave (rookie cop)
Carlease Burke (woman cop)
Don Opper (man in office)

Alternative Titles

Alta tensión – Argentine title
El chip asesino – Spanish title
Deadly Terror – working title
Duh iz racunalnika – Slovenian title
Elektroniczna zjawa – Polish title
O Fantasma da Máquina – Brazilian title
El fantasma de la máquina – alternative Mexican title
Ilektroniki apeili – Greek video title
Killer im System – German title
Killer machine – Italian title
Makinedeki Hayalet – Turkish title
A Máquina Diabólica – Portuguese title
Szellem a gépben – Hungarian title
Tappaja tuntemattomasta – Finnish title
Le tueur du futur – French title
Tueur du futur – French Canadian title
Virus mortal – Mexican title
Ηλεκτρονική απειλή – Greek title
Привид у машині – Ukrainian title
Призрак в компютъра – Bulgarian title
Призрак в машине – Russian title

Includes extracts from
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947)
In Living Color (1990-2006)


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