Gebissen wird nur Nachts (1971)

West Germany,
35mm film, colour
mono, German

A West German horror film directed by Freddie Francis.


Director: Freddie Francis
© MCMLXXIV [1974] – Empire Point Associates Ltd. [US version]
A production of Aquila Film Enterprises
Producer: Pier A. Caminnecci
Written by: August Rieger
From an idea by: Karl Heinz Hummel
Director of Photography: Gerard Vandenberg
Editor: Fred Srp
Music: Jerry Van Rooyen
Sound: Erwin Tews, Kurt Dao
Costume Designers: Lambert Hojer Jun., Klara Zicy-Kiss
Make-up: Jupp Paschke, Helmut Kraft
Art Director: Hans Zehetner

Pia Degermark
Thomas Hunter
Ivor Murillo
Ingrid van Bergen
Joachim Kemmer
Oskar Wegrostek
Lyvia Bauer
Daria Damar
Michael Janisch
Toni Wagner
Raoul Retzer
Kay Williams
Ferdy Mayne as

Alternative Titles

Gebissen wird nur Nachts – Happening der Vampire
Happening of the
Vampire Happening


Variety 4 August 1971 p.27 (USA)
“There are some orgies and much that isn't even funny. Film lacks originality and any wit. Even vampire films needn't be so banal. Film, however, has two plus points: One is Pia Degermark and one is Gerard Vandenberg. The Swedish actress won the Golden Palm of Cannes for “Elvira Madigan” four years ago and she's a real beauty. Incidentally, she has become Caminneci's spouse in the meantime. The lensing by Dutch ace photographer, Gerard Vandenberg, is an asset and one feels inclined to say that he is nearly too good for this piece of mediocrity.” – from a review by Hans


Variety 4 August 1971 p.27 – credits, review (by Hans)

by Walt Lee p.157 – credits