Gaslight Theatre: Maria Marten or, The Murder in the Old Red Barn (1965)

UK, 31 July
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

A British horror television play directed by an uncredited Bryan Sears.

Plot Summary

Squire William Corder murders his pregnant lover, , and buries her body in the Red Barn. But his crime is exposed when Maria's mother has a strange dream…


Director: Bryan Sears
Producer: Bryan Sears
Adaptation: Alec Clunes
Lighting: John Summers
Piano Music: Maurice Arnold
Sound: Richard Chamberlain
Costumes: Sonia Kerr
Make-up: Christina Morris
Designer: Clifford Hatts
Production Consultant: Alec Clunes

Alfred Marks (William Corder)
Ronnie Barker (old Marten/aged Ishmael/young Ishmael)
Eira Heath (Maria Marten)
Leslie French (Tim Bobbin)
Gwen Nelson (Dame Marten)
John Gower (Mark the gypsy)
Sandra Michaels (Ann Marten)